Dutch Design Week 2021
Talent Pressure Cooker exhibition at BioArt Laboratories, NL


Glutteny is an exploratory study of gluten as a material. The gluten found in flour is essentially what gives bread its airy texture. This is a material design project heavily inspired by the deceivingly simple, domestic act of cooking, while drawing parallels between the design of objects and the making of food, in terms of materials, processes and techniques.


As a material designer with a love for cooking, this is an ode to one of the most versatile raw materials around the world: wheat flour. Understanding the behaviour of flour and its main component gluten, exploring its viscoelastic and adhesive qualities and the chemical composition that allows it to be so wonderfully versatile in its cooked forms.  

By mixing flour with yeast and water and kneading it to form stretchy gluten strands, these products mimic the process of making bread, right until before it is baked. After the dough has risen, the outer surface is harvested which then leaves its inner side with an interesting texture. After drying, the product shows great strength and integrity. In order to ensure longevity, the material is coated with a bioplastic mixture to prevent it from rotting.

The combination of its various properties and its relatively low cost make gluten valuable to both food and non-food industries.