Moksha's canisters.


Moksha needs a way to declutter the paper she accumulated over the semester and not lose her belongings in the mess. To design a modular organizer, tailor-made for Moksha’s needs and personality. As designers paper is one of our most used resources – be it for brainstorming, ideating or even crumpling in frustration when things do not go as planned. These canisters are designed as a solution for cluttered desks and workspaces.

This product is a set of two canisters that can be used as individual holders for rolled up paper, and can even double up as one long canister for rolls of larger sheets. The canisters come with hooks on the top, for easy access they can be hooked onto any flat surface. These hooks are also how the two canisters, once inverted, can be joined together to form a longer one.

moksha's canisters
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